Reported! The Series is a series about Tyce reporting everyone on SpongeBob Fanon Wiki. The Creator and Showrunner is GoodOlWhatshisname

Season 1

Title # Description Airdate
Pilot 1 Tyce starts to report people to Wikia. TBA
11 2 Tyce reports PoL, and he gets mad. TBA
Fuck You, Tyce! 3 Everyone starts hating on Tyce. TBA
The Adventurz of Tyce Andrewz 4 Tyce makes his own TV Show on YouNow. TBA
You Suck, Tyce. -Everyone 5 Tyce's show is cancelled because i don't know TBA
The Reporter Gets Reported 6 Tyce Is Reported TBA
I'M NOT FUCKING 11 7 PoL insists he's not 11. TBA
yeah right 8 Nobody believes PoL TBA
Fuck Off! We're Ending This Shit! 9 After Tyce Sees This Show, He Ends It. TBA

Season 2

Title # Description Airdate
We're Fucking Back 10 We get the series back TBA